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Itatiba / SP


1 - New Brazing Furnace: installation of all utilities of the equipment;
2 - Shaker Room: supply panel control, installation all utilities;
3 - Installation of the Utilities in the change of the Lines Mechanical Aluminum - Stage 1;
4 - Alteration of Equipment and Infrastructures Compressors Room;
5 - Electrical Installation 11TCC Injectors;
6 - Alter Lay-out Cells Lines Production contemplating all utilities of equipment (electric, air, exhaust, water, ...);
7 - Installation Cam Crimping Machine in the New Radiator Assembly Line;
8 - Assembly and Installation of Truck WCAQ Exhaust Pipes;
9 - Rehabilitation Services of the Electrical, Hydraulic and Structural Installations of Water and Effluent Treatment Plants (ETE).

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